KZN Solar now offers direct sales on all solar products / components. This allows you to source a trusted third party service provider for installation if you so desire. We deliver to your door, and will provide the instructions / support necessary to make sure the product is installed and configured to specification. For more infomation please contact us on 086 111 1203 or online.


"I would like to thank Eugene, the installer from KZN Solar for his numerous efforts in trying to get my geyser to work as efficiently as possible. He has been very friendly, informative & honest in his assesment & execution of his skills on site. His thorughness & willingless to assist has truly amazed me in a country that generally has very poor service standards."

"I would also like to point out that KZN Solar is an honest company who really has the customer's best interest at heart, which again is something that I believe that is rare to find in this day & age. I would like to thank KZN Solar for the excellent service rendered & I would personally recommend KZN Solar to anyone who values good service, friendliness & honesty from a supplier/retailer/installer."

"As true testimony to the excellent service received, & my recommendation of KZN Solar, I would like to be quoted on a Heat Pump for my home."

- Amith Surajballi