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The Solar UPS is the ideal backup solution because it provides a dedicated backup line with a constant supply of electricity through a battery and PV panel configuration.

In many respects it's similar to a solar water heating system:

  • The solar water heater stores the energy in the water and when the heat is depleted but it still has demand, the geyser gets heated by the electrical element.
  • The dedicated line of appliances on the Solar UPS will draw current and if the batteries are depleted the batteries will draw current from the grid.

In summary then, the Solar UPS provides energy generated through the sun but can also take backup off the grid should there be no solar radiation.

As a last resort the Solar UPS can also accept power from a generator. This system offers free energy to the dedicated line but also a backup in the event of a 6 hour power failure.

The entry level system is a 3 kVA (kilovolt-ampere) system that can take care of most lighting, provided it is LED as well as the DSTV and TV. This system starts at R75 000.00

The next step up would be the 4 kVA system, which is able to also run a fridge/freezer as well. The entry level price on this system is R100 000.00

Thereafter systems are designed according to requirement. As a guideline 7 kVA systems start at R150 000.00

Please see our Solar UPS Product Brochure for more detail, or alternatively Contact Us for more information.