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Here you can find more information on a product that will drastically reduce your electricity expenditure, while lowering your carbon footprint.

Geyserwise can save you up to 50% on your hot water bill, depending on the condition of the appliance, by replacing your conventional geyser thermostat with and electronic thermostat and probe. It will enable you to regulate your electricity usage with four time settings per day, seven days a week, while concurrently detecting most problems you could encounter with your geyser. The control unit will be installed in your home, easy accessible and straight forward to operate. It will enable you to control your hot water, displaying the temperature of your hot water.

GeyserWise units were designed and patented in South Africa and work on traditional geysers and most solar powered geysers.

GeyserWise is SABS approved.

  • Replaces the conventional thermostat with a digital system
  • Digital water temperature reading setting
  • Control your geyser from your palm with controller
  • Convenient to operate
  • Microprocessor intelligent control
  • Power off memory timer
  • Earth leakage protection
  • High temperature cut out at 85 degrees centigrade
  • Element failure detection
  • Scale build-up detection
  • Probe failure detection
  • Load shedding capability to off peak periods
  • Can be integrated with home alarm system zone
  • Real-time clock
  • Four daily programmable time settings
  • Battery backup on power failure

Available Product Types
The following GeyserWise products are currently available.

GeyserWise MAX Normal Geyser System
Solar Thermosyphon System
Pumped Solar System.
(Max 12v)
GeyserWise TS Normal Geyser System
Solar Thermosyphon System
GeyserWise Normal Normal Geyser System only Currently not available.