KZN Solar now offers direct sales on all solar products / components. This allows you to source a trusted third party service provider for installation if you so desire. We deliver to your door, and will provide the instructions / support necessary to make sure the product is installed and configured to specification. For more infomation please contact us on 086 111 1203 or online.


  • KZN Solar ECO Unit. “OFF GRID LIVING” (6 x 3) or (6 x 2.4) square meters, excluding the carport/shade area.
  • Built out of Zinc and Aluminium we can supply the ideal “off grid” accommodation or office space. Shape and size outside is pre-set but inside the unit design can be to customers specifications.
  • The system has its own supply of electricity and hot water. If possible a backup electrical supply can be implemented. The system can take a generator input. Water can be by municipal supply or JOJO tank.
  • The little unit can be delivered and be ready for accommodation in a matter of two days. Confirmed orders can be delivered within 6 weeks.
  • Prices vary between R120k and R180k, delivered.