KZN Solar now offers direct sales on all solar products / components. This allows you to source a trusted third party service provider for installation if you so desire. We deliver to your door, and will provide the instructions / support necessary to make sure the product is installed and configured to specification. For more infomation please contact us on 086 111 1203 or online.


Hard Facts to consider when making your conversion to solar energy.

Hard facts to consider...
  • Eskom wants to give you some money to reduce your electricity consumption.

  • You need to pay for a portion of the costs.

  • You may be finding it difficult to part with that portion.

  • Finance is available.

  • Savings from installing the Solar solution will exceed the monthly repayments, guaranteed by KZN Solar.

  • The investment will leave you with a net positive amount in your account.

  • The solar system carries a 5 year guarantee, your household insurance generally covers it thereafter.

  • This asset will pay for itself over and over again as it is a once off purchase, only the insurance excess is applicable.

  • Challenge yourself to find a reason why not to covert and then consider all the reasons why you should.

  • Finally consider the most significant fact, when last did anyone give you a cash incentive that ends up saving you money as well.