KZN Solar now offers direct sales on all solar products / components. This allows you to source a trusted third party service provider for installation if you so desire. We deliver to your door, and will provide the instructions / support necessary to make sure the product is installed and configured to specification. For more infomation please contact us on 086 111 1203 or online.


About Us
Company Profile
  • KZN Solar distributes mainly the Kwikot brand of Thermal heating products in the KZN region.
  • We source our P.V. conponents from the most reputable companies around the world.
  • We use the Roto tank brand in our water security systems.
  • KZN Solar employs all staff directly and accepts accountability for all work performed under our company name.

Company Achievements
  • Registered with SESSA.
  • Registered with the Eskom Solar Water Heating Program – Solar & Heat Pump.
  • Registered as an ESCO with Eskom.
  • Registered with Shisa Solar Project, Ethekwini Municipality.
  • BEE Status compliance.

Our Mission
In unity we embrace carbon reduction technology as an alternative to standard electrically driven solutions. We position ourselves as a reliable service provider in the renewable energy sector, growing employees and partners into confident and passionate company ambassadors, representing the best possible solutions to our customer base.

Our Vision
Reduce carbon emissions and make a positive contribution to all involved with our activities with particular attention to understanding exactly what our clients will benefit from.

Our History
KZN Solar has been in operation since November 2007, completing more than 3000 high pressure and Heat Pump installations and 8000 low pressure solar installations. In the last 9 and a half years we have established a relationship with Kwikot that has helped build our Company reputation, particularly where we have resolved complicated solar problems previously unsolved on behalf of Kwikot. KZN Solar has also completed numerous industrial and commercial applications where we have addressed the load reduction issues through the Standard product package. We were registered on the Eskom Solar water heating program, have acquired Esco status, and have registered with all the relevant government authorities. Our association with Kwikot is well deserved and the product range with which we compete is well balanced and backed up by strong corporate structures. By far our biggest attribute is the attitude of our staff toward our clients and toward the overall wellbeing of the KZN Solar. We really do embrace the concept of a small foot print but a large impact. Our venture into P.V. solutions has been methodical and utility integration orientated. We look forward to making a positive contribution in your business.